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Entrepreneurial  Arts Projects

Creative Communicators

Creative Communicators is an arts education program geared towards children aged eight to eighteen. Students are taught communication skills using the arts of public speaking, music, dance, theatre, visual art, and improvisation in order to learn better communication skills. This program was designed as a week long seminar and has been administered at The Boys & Girls Club, South Park Middle School, and Carl Traeger Middle School in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


The program has also been modified as a sample day program exploring creativity for 5th graders as a partner of the Oshkosh Area Public School program College Day for Kids at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. 

Below is a video explaining the program and its benefits to students. 

Artist Collective

Artist.Collective Concert Series, created a forum for artists in music, dance, theater, and visual art to freely collaborate, experiment, define vocabulary, and share their new art innovations in performance with the Madison, Wisconsin community. Themed concerts included a variety of artist pairings and featured audience interactive components. The Artist.Collective Concert Series provided artists the opportunity to create art as equals, across art disciplines, and a concert experience for audiences to be exposed to all the arts in one sitting.  

Below are sample performances.

Tomato Magic - Comics, Theatre, Music 

Mobile - Dance & Music

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